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Thanks to all our presenters and participants for making the OAPT Physics Hours a success! Below you'll find links to the videos, presentations and other materials from each one. Enjoy!
Session Presenter(s) and Topics Resource Links         
November 25, 2021 Sean Jackson - Using PI's "A Deeper Understanding of Energy" in a Grade 12 Classroom. *coming soon*
 October 28, 2021

Olga Michalopoulos and Saara Naudts - 'Exploring Light with Optics - Telescopes'.

*coming soon*
 April 29, 2021

Aaron Slepkov - 'Painting with Polarization: A Sneakily Rich Optics Activity'.

*coming soon*
 March 25, 2021 Joe Muise - 'STEP UP - Empowering Girls in High School Physics'. *coming soon*

 March 5, 2021

Andrea McPhee - Using Desmos in Physics

Felipe Almeida - Portioned Practice and Fast Feedback

Andrea's Desmos Presentation

Felipe's article about Portioned Practice

January 14, 2021

Ashley McCarl Palmer- Going Gradeless

Milica Rakic - Cooperative Group Learning in Virtual Envrionment 

Youtube Link

Google drive link - all presentations and notes

 December 17, 2020 Dale Simnett - Problem Based Learning

Youtube Link

Google drive link - presentation powerpoint

 November 5, 2020

Adam Mills -Bringing Interaction Into the Virtual World

Rachelle Frederick - Using Observations and Communication as a form of Assessment and Evaluation

Ashley McCarl Palmer- Hands on Physics at Home

Chris Meyer - Cooperative Group Learning In and Out of Cyberspace

Youtube Link

Google drive link - all presentations and notes

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