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Since its early years, The Demonstration Corner has been a favourite feature of the OAPT Newsletter. As you browse this legacy, consider sharing your own demonstrations by writing a short article for the newsletter.

This section of the OAPT web site contains The Demonstration Corner articles sorted by topic. Articles are scanned from print versions of the OAPT Newsletter up to about 2003. Otherwise, they are available as editable PDF files.

The OAPT presented a special award to Ernie McFarland at the 2012 Conference in recognition of 25 years of The Demonstration Corner.

Project Manager: Rolly Meisel


1987-11 The Belt Hanger Centre of Mass (McFarland)
1988-11 Falling Faster than g (Gaily)
1989-10 Bloody Ballistics (Vanderkuur)
1990-03 Sand and Soup (Whippey)
1992-10 Standing Waves-The Can that Comes Back (Plooard)
1994-03 Huge Pendulum-Centre of Mass-Magnetic Force (Earnshaw)
1994-06 Flipping for Physics (Wylie)
1995-06 The Prisoner (Vector Forces) (Childs)
1995-09 Flying Time (Erb)
1996-03 Gold Wedding Ring-Monkey and the Pulley (Kucherawy)
1996-06 The Sailboat Problem (Marathe)
1997-10 Dumb Tricks with Metre Sticks (Wylie)
1998-01 A Crazy Cantilever (Vanderkuur)
1999-03 Ball and Ramp Races (Childs)
1999-07 D-Ball (Hall)
2000-03 Balancing on the Edge-Inexpensive Accelerometers (Hall)
2004-02 Centre of Mass 1 (Whippey)
2004-04 Centre of Mass 2 (Whippey)
2005-01 Chain Saw (Caranci)
2007-11 Water Rockets (Meisel)
2008-02 Centre of Mass (Antimirova)
2008-11 Apparent Weight in Elevator (Milner-Bolotin)
2010-02 Centre of Mass Throwing Stick (Fyfe)
2010-07 Belt Hanger Centre of Mass (McFarland)
2010-11 Buoyancy Newtons 3rdLaw (McFarland)
2011-07 Spool Rotation (Antimirova)

Waves and Sound

1989-03 Overhead Projector Wave Simulator (Konrad)
1990-10 Making Sound Waves Visible (Konrad)
1992-03 Parallax and Images (Wolfe)
1992-06 Not-so-Simple Harmonic Oscillator (Wylie)
1992-10 Standing Waves-The Can that Comes Back (Plooard)
1993-02 The Classroom Wave (Edwards)
1994-03 Huge Pendulum-Centre of Mass-Magnetic Force (Earnshaw)
1995-11 Big Ben-Lenz’s Law and the Cow (Childs)
1998-09 Inexpensive Vibrator for Standing Waves (Scovil)
1999-06 Two Sound Demonstrations (Hunt)
2001-09 Sound Demos with Rods and Tubes (Meisel)
2003-02 Acoustical Wheel with Christmas Tree Balls (Ucke)
2003-05 Superposition Principle-Kicking the Canister (Hall)
2003-09 Pressure vs Particle Movement-The Dance (Hall)
2003-12 Seeing the Speed of Sound (Hall)
2006-04 Sound Tube (Chaves-Tomberli)
2006-11 Pendulum String (Milner-Bolotin)
2007-02 Harmonics in a Spring (Nalini de Kerckhove)
2007-04 Production of Sound (Vanderkooy)
2008-04 Air Column End (Hall).pdf
2009-11 Making Speakers (Lasby).pdf
2010-04 Seeing Sound (Lasby)

Light and Optics

1988-04 Real Image Demonstration (Murphy)
1991-12 Virtual Image Formed by a Plane Mirror (Wolfe)
1993-10 Optics Density Holography and Curve-Fitting (Ness)
1994-01 Colour Mixing the Economical Way (Konrad)
1994-09 Reflections (Vanderkuur)
1995-03 Adding Colours (Hirsch)
1997-03 Two Kinds of Polaroid Glasses (Pitre)
2002-09 Classroom Demonstration of Spectra (Hunt)
2005-07 Spectral Lines (Marathe)
2007-07 High Speed Photos (Fischer)
2008-07 Total Internal Reflection (Hall)

Electricity and Magnetism

1988-09 The Electrostatic Precipitator (Meisel)
1989-05 Electrostatics with Ping Pong Balls (Lorincz)
1989-12 The D.C. Motor (Scovil)
1990-12 The World’s Simplest Motor (Ehrlich)
1991-03 The World’s Simplest Speaker (Allan)
1992-01 A Not-so-Serious Parallel Circuit (Zuech)
1994-03 Huge Pendulum-Centre of Mass-Magnetic Force (Earnshaw)
1995-01 Electric Hotdog-Electric Pickle (Meisel)
1995-11 Big Ben-Lenz’s Law and the Cow (Childs)
1997-01 Demonstrations with a Tesla Coil (Meisel)
1997-06 The Levitron (Hirsch).pdf
1998-06 Lenz’s Law with Plumbing Pipes (Pitre)
1998-12 Neon Lamp Flasher (Childs)
2001-01 An Electric Guitar Pickup (Scovil)
2006-03 Simplest Motor (Pitre)
2006-09 Induction Puzzle (Palmer)
2009-02 Wire Fire (OMeara)
2009-07 Magnetometer (Doucette)


1987-09 The Bistable Diver (Hunt)
1988-02 The Thermobile and Icemobile (Levan)
1990-05 Counter Intuition (Cunningham)
1996-01 Bernoulli Lost His Marbles (Bartlett)
1996-03 Gold Wedding Ring-Monkey and the Pulley (Kucherawy
1996-09 One-Minute Experiments (Whippey)
1998-03 A Multi-Purpose Instrument (Dindorf & Dindorf)
2000-01 Two-Minute Impromptu Demos (van den Berg and van den Berg)
2002-01 Demonstrations Just for Fun (Meisel)
2002-12 The Photoelectric Effect (Marathe)
2005-11 Demo Cart Happy Wagon (Quick)
2009-04 Bernoulli’s Principle (Williams)
2011-01 GPS Relativity (Pope)
2011-01 Nonlinear Phenomena (Morris)

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