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Conference 2019 resources

Much thanks to our presenters for sharing their resources, and Mari-Ann Goettsch for gathering them!

SessionPresenter Links         
Current Electricity: Predict, Observe, Explain Alasdair Paterson

Handout in .docx form

Handout in .pdf form

IQC: The Two Golden Rules of Quantum Mechanics

Wave-Particle Duality and Simple Quantum Algorithms

 John Donohue

'Golden Rules' Powerpoint 

'Wave/Particle Duality' Powerpoint

Promoting Student Success in 1st Year Physics at University Marc De BenedettiPresentation in .pdf form
Mantis Shrimp - The Attack of Elastic Energy! Milica Rakic

Presentation Powerpoint

Handout in .docx form

As, for, of... How to Effectively Assess Collaborative Learning Vjera MiovicLink to OAPT Newsletter article
Unpacking Current and ElectromagnetismDavid DoucettePresentation Powerpoint
Storytelling For High School Physics Teaching Brian LimLink to OAPT Newsletter article
Building Confidence and Motivation with Short Building ProjectsMargaret Scora, Roberta Tevlin, Mari-Ann GoettschLink to OAPT Newsletter article
Quizlet Live! Steve FotheringhamLink to OAPT Newsletter article

Light 'Em Up! - Electric Greeting Cards for Grade 9

 Andrew MoffatLink to OAPT Newsletter article
Reaction Times in the Physics ClassroomGreg Macdonald

Presentation Powerpoint

Lab handout in .docx form

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