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Life Members:

George Kelly

George Kelly was one of the Founding Fathers of the OAPT. He met with Ernie McFarland in Chicago, and they started wondering why they had to travel so far away to meet, since they both lived in Southern Ontario. The OAPT was founded in 1978, and George was the convener of the fourth annual conference held in London in 1981. Eric Rogers was the invited speaker.

George taught in the school system, earning a Type A certificate in Mathematics and Physics. He was classmate of Jim Hunt, both attending Victoria College at the University of Toronto. They were there on the night the S.S. Noronic burned in Toronto Harbour. George spent all his life teaching physics in high schools, but also a great deal of math and even some Phys Ed. He taught at Sir Wilfred Laurier for 12 years. Then he moved to Lester B. Pearson where he was head of Science, retiring in 1986. He spent a wonderful year on an exchange to Neuchatel Junior College in Switzerland. The two families swapped both jobs and houses.

As the Section representative of OAPT, he went to AAPT meetings in San Francisco in 1980, and in London in 1981. He ran the High School Physics Contest for three years. He was editor of the Newsletter for two years. In those days it was four-pager printed on a single 11" x 17" sheet of paper.

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