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Life Members:

Alan Hirsch

  • Joined the OAPT in its second year of operation, 1980.
  • Served as Section Representative to the AAPT for five years, starting in June, 1985.
  • Invited to serve on the AAPT's High School Committee 1986-1989 years.
  • Served the OAPT Executive as a Member-at-Large starting in June, 1991.
  • Contributed a variety of articles to the OAPT Newsletter, including some book reviews and demonstrations.
  • Gave presentations at OAPT conferences.
  • Set up and supported the OAPT Physics Photo Contest starting in May, 2005.
  • Initiated and organized the application for Charitable Status for the OAPT; the Status was granted in 2005, so the OAPT now has the benefits of a Charitable Organization.
  • Will support the Photo Contest as long as there is enthusiasm and general membership support.

I attended McGill University (B.Sc., with physics and math majors); attended Queens University and University of Toronto for education degrees.

Membership in the OAPT has been a very influential and important part of my professional life. I have attended and enjoyed every OAPT Conference starting in June, 1980. Through he association I have met people whose friendship I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I enjoy a variety of hobbies and interests, including photography, gardening, birding, reading, live theatre, and, especially, traveling. (I have traveled in more than 100 countries, every one of which has been a unique and wonderful experience.) I have authored and co-authored numerous physics and science textbooks, starting in 1979; these texts are used in several Canadian provinces and some are used in other countries as well.

My wife, Judy, who was a high-school teacher-librarian, has joined me in all of the interests mentioned, and has assisted me in researching material for textbook writing for over 20 years.

Writing textbooks involves a lot of research, and my topics of interest range from all physics topics to the topics of astronomy and weather. My favourite topic is energy, especially its wise use.

I am a member of the AAPT and STAO.

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